Imaihama Beach Hotel, Izu-Imaihama Tokyu Resort, right on Imaihama Beach

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Banquet Hall "Masago"

The conference room is perfect for large events such as wedding receptions, parties, conferences, exhibitions, etc. A partition can be arranged depending on the intended use of the room. The relaxing atmosphere and wooden surroundings of Masago offer a sense of comfort and warmth. The tall ceiling and the ship-hull-shaped lighting will set the ideal mood for a banquet at a seaside resort. The multipurpose room is highly adaptable, and we will accommodate your needs depending on the number of guests and the purpose of the venue.

A classroom-style conference can be held with a capacity of 180 guests and a buffet-style party can be held with a capacity of 200 guests. A partition can be arranged in the big conference room for a guest capacity of for approximately 50. The partitioned room can be utilized for parties after a conference or some other form of after-party, simply by moving to the next room.

Multi-purpose hall "Shirahama / Matsukaze"

A multipurpose hall with the capacity to hold 20 ~ 50 guests. Masago can be partitioned into a 125m² wide banquet hall. The bright color coordination and the warmth of the wooden surroundings are a great accompaniment for a seaside banquet.

Various events can be held, such as a classroom-style conference for 60 guests, meetings in a square format for 36 guests, a party with a seating arrangement for 50 guests and buffet-style party for 60 guests. In addition, we will accommodate your needs by presenting ideas and suggestions. You can also make a request with the food menu to suit your taste. We will provide the most suitable space and service for group and company banquets.

Multi-purpose hall "Hamayu"

A multipurpose room suited for dinners with friends or family, conferences, training seminars and meetings, afterparties, etc. This modestly-sized, light-filled banquet hall is located by the ocean side with a space of 40m². With the sound of the waves and the refreshing scent of the ocean travelling through the open window, this location is especially entertaining in the evenings. Recommended for family dinners, small group dinners and reception banquets for a small group.

A banquet can be held for 5 ~ 15 guests, conferences and classroom-style section meetings can be held for up to 18 guests, meetings in a square format can be held for up to 16 guests and afterparties can be held for up to 25 guests.

Conference Room "Ashitaba / Isobuki"

Suited for small conferences, section meetings and so forth, this 40m² room is utilized exclusively for seminars. It is furnished with large bright lights, a refrigerator and a powder room, providing a comfortable atmosphere for business events. And if you wish to take a break, you can step out on the balcony for some fresh air while the warm sunlight and ocean breeze gently embrace you.

A classroom-style conference can be held for up to 16 guests and a meeting in a square format can be held for up to 16 guests.

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